Youth Lagoon "The Knower" (video)

Youth Lagoon 'The Knower' (video)
"Everybody wants to think that they're good at heart when they're full of hate." It's a damning assessment of the human spirit by Youth Lagoon's Trevor Powers on Savage Hills Ballroom single "The Knower." Now, we get to see a bit of that black-hearted magic in a new, illumining CGI video for the crushing number.

Scored by the plaintive, childlike coo of Powers and an electric piano, we first see an elderly woman strolling by the Savage Hills retirement home pool. Without spoiling too much for you, let's just say that a late-night firebug is burning it up in the common area and, noticeably, the ballroom. Of note, the percussive drill heard on the tune now seems to take on a graver, fire alarm-style purpose. 

It's a hot party, with a parrot going wild alongside the lady. You'll see sparks fly via the player below.