Young Rival "Black Is Good" (video)

Young Rival 'Black Is Good' (video)
Hamilton, ON trio Young Rival are about to give your peepers a workout with the new magic eye-styled series of visuals behind their pop-bumpin' Stay Young single "Black Is Good."

The autostereogram-utilizing clip, directed by Jared Raab and Tomasz Dysinski, is seemingly presented as a screen full of TV snow, but if you eyeball it just right you'll see some moving figures working through that static. Try not strain yourself too much.

"The idea of going through the trouble of creating an entirely 3D video, which could only be viewed this way was too ridiculous to pass up," Dysinski said in a statement. "Until recently there was no easy way to collect 3D data, but the Kinect and a piece of software called RGBD toolkit made it possible. I used to make these things all the time with my brother, when I was a kid so I guess this is just an extension of that."

Over here, you can try your luck at filtering out the images in alternate versions asking you to either relax your eyes or keep them crossed the whole video through. You can also watch the clip below.

Young Rival also have a couple of Ontario area shows coming up, and you can check out the details down below.

Tour dates:

03/21 Hamilton, ON - HAVN
03/27 Toronto, ON - The Piston
04/24 Toronto, ON - The Dakota