Yoko Ono "Give Me Something" (Sparks remix)

Yoko Ono 'Give Me Something' (Sparks remix)
In addition to avant garde icon Yoko Ono's 83rd birthday on Thursday (February 18), this week sees the release of her new remixes collection, Yes, I'm a Witch Too. Before the set arrives in full, though, you can stream a tweaked-up take of Ono's "Give Me Something," as prepped by brotherly pop duo Sparks.

The song had originally appeared on Ono and husband John Lennon's Double Fantasy album from 1980. While the early version was filled with big, era-appropriate synth bombast, the brothers Mael bring a dramatic, Broadway production quality to the piece. It pairs the sharp and demanding vocals of Ono together with various piano runs, damaged orchestra swells and falsetto choirs.

You can hear the song below, while Yes, I'm a Witch Too sees release February 19 via Manimal.