Yasiin Bey 'The REcstatic' ('The Ecstatic' remix album by Preservation)

Yasiin Bey 'The REcstatic' ('The Ecstatic' remix album by Preservation)
Four years on from the release of Yasiin Bey's The Ecstatic (recorded under then nom de plume Mos Def), the rapper's tour DJ Preservation has re-imagined the LP for a new remix freelease titled The REcstatic.

While Preservation had whipped up three beats for the original LP, he's now revamped the whole megillah, having dug up samples in the same spirit as the beatwork from Madlib, Dilla, Oh-No and more. The vocals, however, apparently remain intact.

"The project started as a slow build with a few songs and then it become a challenge to do them all," Preservation said in a statement. "Because it was a sample-based album, I wanted to keep the remixes sample-based and for them to have the same pitch, key and tone as the originals. The original beats were non-traditional and the amount of singing made it very difficult to remix with this intention of the same energy. It's the result of countless hours of digging through records to sample, constructing the beat, wrapping it around the vocal, adjusting the tempo, and so on."

You can nab the redo for the price of an email address over here.

The mix comes ahead of Preservation's debut LP Old Numbers, which arrives July 9 through Mon Dieu Music and features guest appearances from Bey, Jean Grae, Edo G, Jemini the Gifted One, Minnesota and more.