YACHT Apologize for Sex Tape Hoax

YACHT Apologize for Sex Tape Hoax
It's been a whirlwind week for fans and non-fans of the long-running electronic pop duo YACHT. Band members and romantic couple Claire L. Evans and Jona Bechtolt pretended to be victims of a sex tape leak before revealing the whole thing to be a hoax. Unfortunately, the stunt appeared to make light of the very dangerous online practice of revenge porn.

YACHT issued a statement about their intentions yesterday (May 10), but it only further stoked the fire and caused more damage to their reputation. Now, they've issued a full apology for the incident.

The duo explained that they were wrong to use a revenge porn narrative, saying, "This was a lazy starting point for what we wanted to be a much more fun story about the expectations of a sex tape and the frenzy surrounding the taboo of sex, especially juxtaposed with our own non-celebrity. We failed to tell that story. Instead we told a much darker and more disturbing story."

They also apologized for their "shitty non-apology," saying, "There's no justifying it. We clearly didn't get it then. We get it now."

You can read YACHT's full statement below.