WTF: Milli Vanilli's Fab Morvan Ropes In the Alchemist for Comeback

WTF: Milli Vanilli's Fab Morvan Ropes In the Alchemist for Comeback
Fab Morvan, half of disgraced lip-syncers Milli Vanilli, is mounting yet another comeback campaign. The performer, who famously fooled the world into thinking he and then-partner-in-crime Rob Pilatus sung hits like "Blame It on the Rain" back in the late '80s, will actually be manning the microphone.

A new song called "Anytime" premiered last April, but more songs are apparently on their way. Hoping to add a bit more credibility to his new tunes, the singer has brought Eminem's tour DJ the Alchemist and dance music fixture Tiesto on board.

UPDATE: Tiesto's publicist has now confirmed to Exclaim! that the DJ in fact has no involvement with Morvan's project.

Speaking with TMZ, the Alchemist confirmed that he has been working on Morvan's next record, his first since his 2003 solo set Love Revolution.

"I'm working on a joint with Vanilli," the DJ said. "[He's] making a comeback." Adding that there is no lip-syncing, he said that this was some "Real shit, dude."

While Tiesto has yet to comment on his involvement, a spokesperson for Morvan mentioned the collaboration in the New York Daily News.

Neither a release date nor an album title has been delivered, but Morvan has been tweeting up a storm, confirming that he's been recording in Amsterdam. For the record, he doesn't consider this a comeback. Just like LL Cool J, he's been here for years.

"On #TMZ! Rumors of #FabMorvan making a come back, it aint no rumors I'm doing my thang, keep your ears to the ground," he tweeted. "By the way I never left."

If you have a few minutes to spare, check out "Anytime" below. Spoiler: it's no "Girl You Know It's True."

Thanks to the Guardian for the tip.