Worse Worse

Worse Worse
Shane Clark (guitar, bass) and Matt Wood (vocals, drums), who spent time in Bison and 3 Inches of Blood, have created something completely different in Worse. With their amalgamation of classic rock vibes and stoner metal riffs, Worse are an interesting entry in the canon of the artists involved, and a refreshing take on a familiar musical narrative.
Matt Wood's vocals on this record are stellar. Known primarily for his work in doomy sludge bands like Haggatha and Goatsblood, it is great to see him go back to his Pride Tiger roots with his rock'n'roll vocals, which offer a great melodic balance to the dissonant riffs.
Worse's sound is massive for only being a two-piece. The interplay between guitar and drums offer some interesting rhythmic interplay throughout the record. From the call and answer of "Dogsbody" to the tension and release on "Waylaid by Reality," Worse are full of stylistic twists and turns.
For an album that approaches the familiar from a different angle, Worse is an excellent experience for all those looking for something different in the realm of stoner metal. (Independent)