POP Montreal, Montreal QC, September 15

Photo: Steve Louie

BY Matt BobkinPublished Sep 16, 2017

Launching into their set amongst peals of feedback and distortion, Vancouver rock quartet Woolworm delivered a tight set heavy on material from newly released sophomore LP Deserve to Die. At various points channelling My Bloody Valentine, the Smiths and the Pixies, the band effectively blended their influences for a cohesive yet dynamic performance.
The back half of the set showcased some of the band's more anthemic material, including "Heathen Too" (a track from their 2014 split with Grown-Ups) and Deserve to Die's "Catbird," which showcased an aptitude for penning heartfelt tunes. The band's penchant for traversing diverse sonic ground in the blink of an eye was most apparent when frontman Giles Roy's occasional doom metal howls were immediately followed up by pop-punk harmonies with bassist Heather Black. Furious drumming by Nick Tolliday and melodic guitar lines by Roy and guitarist Alex Pomeroy filled out the sound, keeping things focused despite the eclectic range of influences.
There was no lagging, no hesitation — even Roy's brief banter was charming, funny and to-the-point. It was the epitome of a tight set.

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