Woe Of Tyrants Behold The Lion

Woe Of Tyrants fancy themselves to be influenced by — and comparable to — the big four of thrash. Need we list Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax and Megadeth for the three of you who don’t know? While the pacing and song structure on Behold The Lion clearly uphold that ideal, overall they sound more akin to early Six Feet Under and the wave of bands moderately inspired by the aforementioned metal gods, such as Shadows Fall and Lamb Of God. It’s the thick low end, mild hardcore inflections and constant shifting in vocal delivery between guttural grunts and piercing shrieks that do it. This is not altogether bad though. "Hail The Count” and "Yoke Of Slavery” feel strangely primal yet progressive. Whatever Woe Of Tyrants consider themselves — thrash or death — is meaningless. Behold The Lion is a bold, if not entirely innovative, chunk of traditional metal. (Tribunal) (Tribunal)