The Wind-Up Radio Sessions Red Brick House

Looks like Dundas, ON (home of Caribou) can lay claim to another musical winner. Now Montreal-based, this folk pop trio feature Dundas-raised siblings Dan and Marc Kiely, plus English expat bassist Matt Lazenby. Following a well-received EP, this full-length debut exudes plenty of low-key charm. There are sweet melodies and harmonies on display in the first handful of tracks then, just as things threaten to get a bit somnolent, they pick up the energy level on "Nairobi," which is full of little twists and turns, and surging energy. All three members contribute to the songwriting, which helps account for the stylistic variety. "Let Me Go" is a quirky piece of alt-pop, while "My Only Friend" brings Hayden to mind. "Photocopies" features a gently ingratiating, organ-driven melody, while the rockier "No One Came" is another winner. Real impressive stuff, though it'd be nice to hear the band wind up the guitars and decibel level just a little more often. (No Map)