Willie Nelson Last Man Standing

Willie Nelson Last Man Standing
Outlaw Willie Nelson wrote Last Man Standing with producer Buddy Cannon, using modern technology to communicate their ideas via text messages. The 11-track album is another entry into the authentic story of an 84-year old country legend.
The title track is country folk and bluegrass, while keeping a blues rock melody and a rockabilly vibe. "Don't Tell Noah" is a western swing number with a clean-sounding electric guitar. The lyrics in "Bad Breath," a slow-tempo track about an alcoholic, are witty while a pedal steel guitar adds depth.
"She Made My Day" has classic country lyrics with a catchy melody and a shuffle rhythm, where blues, country and rockabilly take on a square dance beat. The Western swing of "Ready to Roar" is reminiscent of Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys and "I Ain't Got Nothin'" is a Brooks & Dunn-style tune with a blues rock melody that evokes jukeboxes and dive bars.
The harmonica, piano and clean sounding guitars characterize The Last Man Standing. The smart and witty lyrics adorn the western swing album with an acoustic blues rock and rockabilly shine. (Sony)