Wildlife Strike Hard, Young Diamond

"Meet me down by the river" isn't a suggestion, it's a demand. Sung in first track "Stand in the Water," it becomes clear quite quickly that this is something to be experienced that will stick in your head. Strike Hard, Young Diamond is the first piece of work to come from the Toronto, ON group, and they've done well. The five songs are bold, full of angst and to the point, but they're also filled with youthful exuberance and affirming righteousness that will be good for a simple pick-me-up. Each song has its standout moments, which are brought forth immediately. Commanding an audience, with a banjo, no less, is a tricky feat, but this quintet know where they want to go. Plus, the subtle synths help push them along in a light-hearted manner, with each melody tumbling into the next. (Easy Tiger)