The Whitest Boy Alive To Release New Album

The Whitest Boy Alive To Release New Album
Come next year, the spectacled half of Kings of Convenience, Erlend ؘye, will again indulge his disco fantasies with a new Whitest Boy Alive LP. On March third, ؘye and his Berlin-based band-mates are set to release Rules, a record that will follow up on the Whitest Boy Alive's much-loved organic dance standout, Dreams.

According to Fact Magazine, the Whitest Boy Alive's sophomore effort was recorded in hot and sultry Mexico at a beachside stuio, with the album's 11 tracks inspired by the group's soundchecks and live jams written while touring Dreams. Also, the band reportedly recorded all songs live in one room with no overdubs, no FXs and all in one take.

"Nothing is added that cannot be played live," Fact quotes the band as saying. "We do this until we get it right, for as long as it takes."

As far as that title goes, the album is reportedly named Rules because each of its tracks describes a rule; however, with song names like "1517," "Gravity" and "Rollercoaster Ride," it's not really apparent which rules the band are talking about.

In related news, ؘye has also been fast at work with Eirik Glambek Bøe on Kings of Convenience's first album since 2004's Riot on an Empty Street. The new KoC record currently has the working title Quiet IS the New Loud (notice that all-caps "IS" setting the title apart from the folkie duo's 2001 breakthrough album, Quiet Is the New Loud) and is being recorded in the pair's hometown of Bergen, Norway, and in Italy.

In a recent interview with Stereogum, Bøe had this to say about writing the new album: "It's hard because we know how we want each song to sound but not quite how to play it in order to make it sound that way. Recording a song is like drawing a perfect circle, but we are determined. We'll get there."

ؘye added that KoC have 14 songs so far and they'll pare those down to 12 for the album, which as of yet has no release date.

For now, here is the tracklisting to the Whitest Boy Alive's Rules, which will be out courtesy of the band's imprint, Bubbles Records.


1. "Keep A Secret"
2. "Intentions"
3. "Courage"
4. "Timebomb"
5. "Rollercoaster Ride"
6. "High On The Heels"
7. "1517"
8. "Gravity"
9. "Promise Less Or Do More"
10. "Dead End"
11. "Island"

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