The Whitest Boy Alive Return After 11 Years with New Single

Stream the Kings of Convenience offshoot's comeback song "Serious"
The Whitest Boy Alive Return After 11 Years with New Single
After 11 long years since their last release and six years post-break-up, the Whitest Boy Alive have quietly reemerged with a brand new single.

After first emerging as a side-project of Norwegian folk duo Kings of Convenience, Whitest Boy Alive are ending their extended hiatus with "Serious," a standalone track composed by the band's reunited Erlend Øye, Marcin Ōz, Sebastian Maschat and Daniel Nentwig. The track arrives today from Bubble Records, the imprint ran by Kings of Convenience/Whitest Boy Alive member Øye's own Bubble Records.

"Serious" is a best-case-scenario sonic return to form for the Whitest Boy — even the band's signature monochromatic artwork is back. Their latest art can be seen above, while the track can be heard below.

The Whitest Boy Alive have already been playing shows around the world since at least last year and have continued to schedule performances well into the coming months. And while the haven't officially announced their return or plans for a new album, all this recent activity makes a pretty good case for it. 

The White Boy Alive announced their split back in 2014. Their last record was 2009's Rules, while the group's debut album Dreams was released in 2006.