White Cowbell Oklahoma Casa Diablo

One of Canada’s greatest bands in terms of both girth (ten members and counting) and ability, Toronto, ON’s White Cowbell Oklahoma truly find their feet with latest full-length Casa Diablo. While previous efforts provided a stable delivery of Southern-fried rock’n’roll amalgamated with a punk rock stance, the influences hadn’t sank in enough to create a truly unique White Cowbell sound and style. With Casa Diablo, however, there is an unequalled degree of eloquence, elegance and confidence propelling "Adjust Your Set,” "Get On, Get Down” and "Bulletproof.” Each song still holds elements of the band’s twangy Allman Brothers-on-acid attack but instead of seeming like a bunch of players trying to find their opening each instrument is another piston forcing this aggressive, albeit smooth, and catchy, yet furious, boogie rock dragster into overdrive. Casa Diablo doesn’t just hit the mark, it shoots past it without looking back. (Slick Monkey)