Weezer Share "I Want a Dog" from 'SZNZ: Winter'

It features a cat meowing

BY Alex HudsonPublished Dec 9, 2022

The upcoming winter solstice means that Weezer are about to wrap up their SZNZ EP series — and they have now teased the upcoming Winter with the single "I Want a Dog."

As promised, the song begins as an acoustic, singer-songwriter-style ballad. But it doesn't stop there, as the arrangement swells with strings before exploding into theatrical, waltz-time power pop. The poignantly delivered lyrics describe how much frontman Rivers Cuomo apparently wants a dog — although the faint meow in the final seconds suggests he has chosen a different furry friend as a companion.

Winter is out on December 21. That's the album cover above. It follows Spring, Summer and Autumn.

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