The Weeknd Gets His Own 'Kiss Land' Condoms

The Weeknd Gets His Own 'Kiss Land' Condoms
While those reports of Daft Punk condoms turned out to be a little dubious, here's a more legit music-themed prophylactic: the Weeknd has gotten his own Kiss Land condoms.

ONE Condoms has teamed up with the Weeknd to distribute condoms on the lusty "noir & B" singer's current North American tour. As you can see from the packaging above, they're consistent with the neon-green, Japanese-style visuals surrounding Kiss Land's promo materials.

The condoms will only be available at shows. "With performances known for sexy mood and vibe, the Weeknd embodies the hip, edgy, artistic character of our customers," said ONE's CEO Davin Wedel in a statement. "His music evokes a passion and intimacy that perfectly complement the sensuality of ONE products."

ONE promises that there will be special giveaways and prizes available through its website.

Considering the accounts of casual and depraved sexual encounters that are strewn throughout the Weeknd's lyric sheets, we can hardly think of a more appropriate cross-promotion than this. See the singer's tour schedule right here.