The Week in Comments: Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup with Girls vs. 'Girls,' Owen Pallett and Linkin Park, Saukrates

The Week in Comments: Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup with Girls vs. 'Girls,' Owen Pallett and Linkin Park, Saukrates
Exclaim! has once again gathered up the best of what our readers had to say behind the anonymity of the internet. Whether you loved or hated something new in the music world, or perhaps just wanted to take out your pent-up anger on an unsuspecting celebrity, check out our Reader Feedback Roundup to find out what the hot topics were this week.

First up, the San Francisco band going by the (in no way copyright-able) name Girls lashed out at HBO's new program of the same name. Lead singer Christopher Owens took to Twitter in a huff, stating, "Girls is obviously a word that cannot be owned by anyone," though he continued, "anyone that really respected us wouldn't have used it."

The consensus on the issue seems to be that Owens was overreacting by a long shot, with commenter Matt sarcastically remarking, "In related news prepubescent females everywhere are planning a class action suit against Christopher Owens for blatantly stealing their name without giving them a shred of respect or honour that they deserve for the hard work they've out into being a part of the cultural landscape."

Meanwhile, the irony was not lost on fellow reader Alex, who posted, "Didn't they have a song called LUST FOR LIFE?" Indeed. Twitter user @quinnomori pretty much summed up everyone's reaction with the following response to our news story: "LOLOLOLOLOL."

In other bizarre news, we reported that esteemed violinist and composer Owen Pallett would be collaborating with nu-metal group Linkin Park. Commenter Glenn reacted to our description of Linkin Park as having "dubious credibility" with: "Whats with all the hate for Linkin Park? Dubious credibility? You my friend are a judger, and guess what, nobody likes a judger."

Dennis, on the other hand, rationalized, "Whatever. It sounds like Owen Pallett did a half-hour of work and likely paid his rent for a few months. As much as I dislike Linkin Park (though 15 year-old Dennis would strongly disagree with me) it's hard to hold anything against him."

Finally, earlier this week we posted a stream of Toronto rapper Saukrates's new album Season One, which seems to be getting mixed reviews from fans. Commenting as "a fan...and Toronto native," one reader declared, "Disappointing, but Im still there to show support brother." Fellow commenter Infinite P was a bit more impressed, saying, "sick! I been waiting along time for the new saukrates album! dope."

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