WTF: Owen Pallett Collaborates with Linkin Park

> Apr 12 2012

WTF: Owen Pallett Collaborates with Linkin Park
By Alex HudsonOwen Pallett is no stranger to collaboration, as the esteemed violinist and composer has contributed string arrangements to rock royalty like Arcade Fire, Grizzly Bear, R.E.M. and many others. We can't help but wonder, however, if he ought to be a little more picky about who he works with, given the dubious credibility of his latest musical partners: Linkin Park.

Yup, you read that right -- Pallett recently teamed up with the nu-metal group for a track called "I'll Be Gone" from the band's forthcoming album. Singer Chester Bennington spoke with Spin about Pallett, saying, "He's incredible. You send him notes and he's immediately like, 'I just sent you the track. Like, five minutes ago. It's done.'"

The magazine describes the track as having a "lo-bit glitch and seismic stomp," so we can only imagine what this will sound like combined with Pallett's orchestral mastery. There's no word as to whether Pallett contributed to any more songs on the album.

The as-yet-untitled Linkin Park LP was produced by recording guru Rick Rubin and will be out in June. We're curious to hear what this one is going to sound like, which isn't something we thought we'd say about new a Linkin Park album.

Of course, Linkin Park once put out an EP with Jay-Z, so this isn't the first time they've managed to score a critically acclaimed collaborator.

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SO stoked for the new Linkin Park LP.
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This is a weird clip of Owen to post, so many good videos and you chose this?
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Whats with all the hate for Linkin Park? Dubious credibility? You my friend are a judger, and guess what, nobody likes a judger.
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Whatever. It sounds like Owen Pallett did a half-hour of work and likely paid his rent for a few months. As much as I dislike Linkin Park (though 15 year-old Dennis would strongly disagree with me) it's hard to hold anything against him.
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