Weaves The Ship, St. John's NL, April 24

Weaves The Ship, St. John's NL, April 24
Photo: Noah Bender
Weaves came alive at the Ship last night (April 24), taking command from the first song, even as they struggled with a faulty snare drum. Singer Jasmyn Burke has an expressive, pained alto that somehow channels both intensity and punk nonchalance. Right away, she urged the crowd to get closer, and they spent the rest of their set inspiring dancing and furious nodding.

Their performance added a layer of heaviness that their recordings don't convey. The middle section of huge, thunderous concoctions, all slamming drums and Burke's croon, were delivered through nonstop smiles as the band seemed to enjoy the show as much as the audience. "If you want to hang out after, I'll be around," Burke offered, to cheers.
"Hulahoop" was a definite highlight, all stop-start rhythms, yelling into guitars and crowd interaction, the latter of which was particularly telling, because it's not exactly an easy song to dance to, and "Take a Dip" was gigantic, Spencer Cole and Zach Bines providing the song with a huge low end. The set ended with "Motorcycle," complete with a breakdown in which Burke got the crowd to scream the song's title. Then, of course, the band was summoned for a single-song encore.

Weaves are a challenging and fun live band, a potent mix that made for a perfect end to the Ship's Friday night Lawnya Vawnya showcase.