Ex-Weaves Members Release Debut Single as Pink Blob

"Waiting for Your Call" is the new "hyper-rock" track from Morgan Waters and Spencer Cole

BY Alex HudsonPublished Apr 28, 2022

The former member of Weaves have moved onto new projects. With singer Jasmyn preparing to release her own solo album, Morgan Waters and Spencer Cole have now teamed up for a new band called Pink Blob. Their debut single, "Waiting for Your Call," is out now.

The song is a giddy burst of self-described "hyper-rock," its intense cheerfulness accentuated by T-Pain levels of autotune slathered onto the vocals.

"Pink Blob is all our favourite music put together in a blender. The goal is to combine the macho and the feminine, the heavy and the hooky, the weird and the conventional, and make it all very pink and very blobby," Waters said in a statement. "'Waiting for Your Call' is an anthem for the lonely, blasting in the Glastonbury of my mind. I was down in the dumps and thought making something as hooky and high energy as Aqua would bring me back. This song's for the people with love to give and no one to receive it."

Check out the self-directed video for "Waiting for Your Call." It brings the song's energy to life with a surreal mix of tropical bliss and soft-focus retro dreaminess.

The band will perform at Toronto's Longboat Hall on May 6.

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