We Apparently Have Beck to Blame for Pharrell's Massive Grammys Hat

We Apparently Have Beck to Blame for Pharrell's Massive Grammys Hat
Way back in the distant year of 2014, Pharrell Williams carved out his place in pop culture history by wearing one of the most ridiculous hats ever to the Grammy Awards. Well, it turns out we have may Beck to blame for that.

Billboard just ran a massive piece on Beck and his new Colors album. And as Spin points out, one of the topics of discussion was actually Pharrell and his now-infamous hat.

According to Beck, Pharrell quizzed him about his big — but not as big — hat featured on the cover of 2014's Morning Phase. Here's how the conversation played out in the Billboard piece:

So, did you and Pharrell exchange anti-aging tips or what?

[Laughs.] I remember he was very drawn to my hat. I was wearing my hat a lot at the time.

The wide-brimmed hat on the 
Morning Phase cover?

Yeah. He's like, "Where did you get that?"

Maybe you inspired him to get his own massive hat.

I don't know. I mean, his is way bigger.

As you can see, Beck doesn't confirm that he's directly responsible for Pharrell's exaggerated fashion choice, but he's definitely planted a big seed of suspicion here.

If you want to read more about the world's funkiest scientologist, you can check out Exclaim!'s new Beck cover story here. You can also order Colors on standard vinyl and limited edition deluxe vinyl via Umusic.