Waxwork Records Launches Horror Comic Imprint

Waxwork Records Launches Horror Comic Imprint
Following a couple years of issuing fully frightening soundtrack releases like Rosemary's Baby and C.H.U.D., Waxwork Records has announced that it will be extending its creepy reach into the realm of comics next year.

The scary business model shakeup was announced today (October 26) in a press release, with the Waxwork team explaining that it has tapped "an outstanding team of the best writers and your favorite artists in an effort to form a new company specializing in a fresh take on the horror-inspired comic."

Though details on the participants has yet to drop, the line will be modelled off of classics horror comics from the past, including EC Comics' iconic and eerie Tales from the Crypt and Vault of Horror. The old Creepy and Eerie magazines are another pair of tombtouchstones for the forthcoming project.

As for the ground they'll cover, Waxwork promises "all-new tales of the occult, monsters, voodoo, witchcraft, vampires, and more!"

The first title to arrive will be House of Waxwork, which fittingly has soundtrack makers Waxwork's approaching the horror genre from a cinematic perspective. It's explained that the book takes place in "a mysterious movie theater" where guests "will be shown a double-feature of weird and wild genre films that may have been and never were."

Revamping the EC model of having the comics hosted by figures like the Crypt Keeper or the Old Witch, House of Waxwork will be manned by "the Projectionist," who is further described as an "undead film fanatic who resides in the theater's attic."

It's added that the comic book imprint will be printing up its comics with bonus 7-inches that soundtrack the stories within. Details on who will be providing the music have likewise yet to be revealed.