Wax Statue of Paul McCartney Loses His Head

Wax Statue of Paul McCartney Loses His Head
Like Ringo, Paul has lost his head. Or at least someone has lost it for him.

While a lifelike waxwork head of Sir Paul McCartney was being transported from London to Reading via rail last week, its owner Joby Carter made the big boo-boo of leaving the Beatle’s noggin on the train. Now it’s nowhere to be found, forcing Carter to put up a $4,100 reward for its safe return.

The entire wax McCartney was due to be auctioned this Sunday (October 26) and could fetch between $10,000 to $20,000. But minus the mop top, no auction will take place, understandably.

"The silly thing is since the appeal to find the head we've had more bids come in and the sell price is guaranteed to have gone up," Carter told the BBC. "But until it is found it is worthless."

The waxwork was made in the ’60s and was displayed at Louis Tussauds Museum in Great Yarmouth.

If you’ve seen the head contact Carters Entertainment auctioneers to claim your reward. However, if you have McCartney’s dome, don’t even think of trying to inform Ringo. He will not reply to you and he definitely won’t sign it. However, he will say "peace and love, peace and love” a million times.