Watch Morrissey Be Very Much Himself in 'Good Day New York' Interview

He calls Capitol holding the release of 'Bonfire of Teenagers' "traumatic"

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Oct 20, 2023

Following his short outburst about the CEO of Capitol Records on his website earlier this week, Morrissey made an appearance on the Fox 5 morning show Good Day New York to talk about some upcoming shows, his beef with Capitol and Miley Cyrus pulling her vocals from a Bonfire of Teenagers track.

You'd think Moz giving an interview on a Fox satellite channel would mean he'd go off on whatever vaguely far-right talking point he believes this week, but all things considered, it's pretty tame. Not to worry, there's still tons of his signature melodrama, as he referred to the limbo of Bonfire of Teenagers as "traumatic."

"Capitol signed it and didn't release it, and they're not prepared to give it back to me for a certain price," he said. "It's been quite traumatic and quite sad because when you record something, you want it to be available immediately. It was very much of the time for me. It was a very, very personal thing, and the fact that it hasn't been released has been torture."

Even in response to one of the least antagonistic questions, Morrissey found a way to make it histrionic. When asked if his upcoming run of New York shows would be his last, he said, "I don't think so, unless I'm assassinated." You can tell the reporter struggled to respond before she asked if he thought there was somebody out to get him, to which he replied, "You never can tell."

He also revealed more about Cyrus scrapping her vocals from "I Am Veronica," saying management made the call: "She doesn't want to be on it now. I mean, I didn't ask her to. She came in. She sang, and she sang magnificently. But her manager doesn't want her to be on it now, which is a shame because she sang so beautifully on the track."

After the interview, he played "Sure Enough, the Telephone Rings," a track listed on Bonfire of Teenagers. Watch it all below.

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