Morrissey Thinks Capitol Records Is Sabotaging His Album's Release

"Morrissey is 'too diverse' for Universal Music Group," a statement on his website reads

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Feb 7, 2023

Without a doubt, the release of Morrissey's upcoming record, Bonfire of Teenagers, has taken some hits. Following his departure from not one, but two record deals and Miley Cyrus's exit, the famously moany singer is starting to believe Capitol Records is purposefully putting the album on the backburner. 

Moz took to his website earlier today (February 7) to claim that Capitol is refusing to give the record back to him with his usual anti-woke messaging: "Morrissey is 'too diverse' for Universal Music Group. Capitol Records (Los Angeles) will not, after all, release Morrissey's 2021 album Bonfire of Teenagers. At the same time, Capitol Records (Los Angeles) are holding on to the album," the statement reads.

The post, entitled "BONFIRE DOUSED," goes on to say while Morrissey has been signed to Capitol since getting dropped by BMG, the label's website failed to mention him on their artist roster. In December, the ex-Smiths bandleader withdrew from any association with Capitol and left his management — which is partially why he believes Bonfire of Teenagers is in limbo.

"Morrissey has said that although he does not believe that Capitol Records in Los Angeles signed Bonfire of Teenagers in order to sabotage it, he is quickly coming around to that belief," the post continues, before ending with a link to a Medium article titled "Why an Unsigned Morrissey Proves a Lack of True Diversity in Music."

Morrissey has blamed most of his Bonfire of Teenagers bereavements on his supposed cancellation, penning a lengthy post on "Cancel Vultures" while elaborating on Cyrus's departure last month. For someone who is trying to backpedal on his far-right public image, he's not doing himself any favours. 

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