Watch Alex Lifeson Perform "Jambi" on Stage with Tool

He joined the band at Toronto's Scotiabank Arena

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Nov 21, 2023

Even if Geddy Lee is trying to convince Alex Lifeson to play some Rush shows with him, it doesn't mean he's fully off the market. The guitarist joined Tool on stage last night (November 20) at Toronto's Scotiabank Arena to play "Jambi."

For the occasion, they played an extended version of the track. Forgive us for this, but they really put the "Jam" in "Jambi." Watch it below.

Earlier this week, Lee told The Washington Post about Paul McCartney urging Lifeson to tour again, though some health issues are making him hesitant. "I think Al and I owe it to each other to have a serious sit-down and play together and see what happens," Lee said. Only time will tell!

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