Watch the Trailer for Donald Glover's Post-Apocalyptic Film 'Bando Stone & the New World'

Featuring a Childish Gambino soundtrack album

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jul 1, 2024

Having teased the upcoming Bando Stone & the New World, Donald Glover has now shared a trailer for the film, which he directed, stars in, and soundtracked as Childish Gambino.

Glover stars in the film as the titular Bando Stone, a former pop star who is one of the only survivors of a mysterious apocalyptic event. He, along with a fellow survivor played by Jessica Allain, run away from gigantic animals and sci-fi lasers in the trailer, which features snippets of a new Childish Gambino song called "Lithonia." 

Bando Stone & the New World was written by Evi Wilder, and was produced by RCA Records along with Glover's own Gilga studio. An exact release date hasn't been confirmed, but the trailer suggests that it will be out this year. "Lithonia" arrives tomorrow (July 2). This is said to be the final Childish Gambino album.

Watch the Bando Stone trailer below.

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