The War on Drugs Wagonwheel Blues

Here is a case of band name suiting the act to a tee, an irreverent yet uniquely American moniker for a band that reverently draw inspiration from uniquely American guitar rock. Apologies to them if that makes them sound like a technically competent roots rock band; they have managed to make their own understated, distinctive sound while contextualising their influences in a refreshing way. At the heart of the band’s identity is vocalist Adam Granduciel, who is the possessor of an uncanny Dylan-esque drawl. His unpolished observations on modern Americana are a fitting foil to the band’s subdued, Springsteen-esque landscapes accented by post-rock flourishes. Standout "Taking The Farm,” whose skittery beat and hazy organ gallop insistently with the uncertainty in Granduciel’s voice, is a fine example of the band succeeding through restraint. (Secretly Canadian)