Video Dead

Damn Disco

BY Keith CarmanPublished Oct 26, 2009

It took a while for Burlington, ON old school hardcore punks the Video Dead to follow up Brotherhood Of The Dead. But, thank God it did because, if they had rushed, this Union debut wouldn't have the grace, anger, balls and fury it unleashes with such readiness. Comprised of 13 relentless tracks wailing away in under a half-hour, there's no time for frills or fucking around on Damn Disco. Still, this doesn't mean the band have sacrificed one iota of catchiness, supersonic punk riffing or heart-pounding metre during any one of those seconds. The results are an endless stream of energizing, anthemic tracks that even boast the odd cool punk rock'n'roll/Hives-esque guitar melody spiralling around the motivational adrenaline of songs such as "Did He Die Of A Broken Heart?," "Catcher's Mitt" and the Ignite-meets-7 Seconds-meets-Agnostic Front bombast of "Shoot The Messenger." People thought Burlington died with Grade. Maybe so but it allowed something far more ravenous to emerge with the Video Dead.

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