Video Dead Brotherhood of the Dead

Talk about starting with a bang (pun completely intended)! Toronto’s fledgling Stereo Dynamite Recordings label is obviously intent on wasting no time in making itself known as a serious contender on the Canadian punk scene. The first release from the label founded by former Monster Voodoo Machine and current Damn 13 front-man Adam Sewell is this debut from Burlington’s the Video Dead… and what a way for both the label and the band to announce their respective arrivals. As the title would suggest, Brotherhood of the Dead leans heavily toward the unity hardcore stomp of NYC bands like Biohazard, Madball and Agnostic Front while injecting the sound with more modern dual guitar flourishes and a SoCal sense of melody. Lyrically, the band are more akin to the positive-force punk messages of bands like 7 Seconds. Fans of the aforementioned hardcore bands or Moneen and Strung Out would do well to check it out. (Transport)