Victor Rice …At Version City

Victor Rice almost seems like he can do no wrong. Everything this guy touches seems great. Whether he is just playing bass or producing yet another ska CD for someone, Mr. Rice has the Midas touch. His first solo CD is no different. Thirteen instrumental tracks and one with vocals supplied by Rocker T because as he puts it, "I love great singers, but they could be singing about anything — it's their voice I love. So I write instrumentals." The instrumentals make up what I would consider to be one helluva movie soundtrack. "Northern Standard Time" would be great for a car chase scene, "Gravity" would suit any part of a cowboy western and "Patience" would work in a scene involving a Caribbean cruise. The dreamy and mystical "Inamorata Dub" and the seemingly borderless joyful ska of "Lefty" are just two of many outstanding tracks on an extraordinary disc. (Stubborn)