Verse Return with 'Bitter Clarity, Uncommon Grace'

Verse Return with 'Bitter Clarity, Uncommon Grace'
Providence, RI post-hardcore troupe Verse announced late last year that they were getting back together, and the act will deliver their first post-reunion tunes this summer on their upcoming LP, Bitter Clarity, Uncommon Grace.

A press release explains that the 13-track set will arrive courtesy of longtime label Bridge 9 on July 17. Recorded this past March at Pawtucket, RI studio Machines With Magnets, the conceptual song cycle is being described as "completely human."

"The concept is set of life lessons shown to us by the life of a universal mother to all, wrapped in uncertainty and contradiction, and personal firsthand accounts of struggles of family and friends throughout my life," singer Sean Murphy said in a statement.

Audio previews have yet to arrive, but you can check out the tracklisting down below and the artwork up above.

Verse had previously noted that their new tunes would develop upon their sound, while not abandoning their punk rock heritage.

"We just want to do things on our own terms, not in a pretentious way but in a healthy way so that we don't hit a wall like last time," Murphy had said at the time. "We're back to writing and having fun. Our new material is definitely still 'Verse.' We've been lucky not to get stuck in some type of predetermined template for hardcore punk or even music in general. We apply that to the creative process, especially with the new stuff." 

Verse's last full-length was 2008's Agression.

Bitter Clarity, Uncommon Grace:

1. The Selfish of the Earth
2. The Selfless of the Earth
3. The Silver Spoon and the Empty Plate
4. Setting Fire to the Bridges We Cross
5. Segue One
6. You and I Are the Fortunate Ones
7. The End of All Light
8. The Relevance of Our Disconnect
9. Segue Two
10. Oceanic Tendencies
11. Finding A Way Out When There Is No Way
12. Segue Three
13. The End of All Life