Verse Reunite, Set Sights on Touring and New Album

Verse Reunite, Set Sights on Touring and New Album
Post-hardcore outfit Verse called it quits back in 2009, but the Providence, RI quintet have decided to give it another shot, announcing that their return will bring both tour dates and a new album.

A press release explains that two years after their implosion, the act have grown up a little, got their lives in check and put their differences behind them for the greater good: tearing it up for the kids.

"I think it just really came down to us missing playing music and the chemistry we shared in our creative process," singer Sean Murphy said in a statement. "Things just got a little crazy in our lives at home, with being on tour all the time, having all this weight to carry and people to keep happy. It really ended up burning us out. We needed some time to step away and focus on having some sort of stability for a while." 

The band make their rebirth official in their hometown February 11 at AS220, playing alongside Defeater, Soul Control and Sweet Jesus, and the troupe have also announced plans to tackle Europe and the West Coast of the U.S. later in 2012.

Verse are already working on a new album, which follows their 2008 LP Aggression. Murphy assures that, considering their time apart, the album will mark a change in Verse, but the band won't be abandoning their punkish roots.

"We just want to do things on our own terms, not in a pretentious way but in a healthy way so that we don't hit a wall like last time," he said. "We're back to writing and having fun. Our new material is definitely still 'Verse.' We've been lucky not to get stuck in some type of predetermined template for hardcore punk or even music in general. We apply that to the creative process, especially with the new stuff."

Both the album name and its projected street date are TBA, although it's expected to drop via Bridge 9.