Various The Sound and the Fury

When one thinks of metal/hardcore and all of its various offshoots (noise, emo, old school, etc.) one does not usually think of Hamilton, ON as a bastion of hardcore. Redstar Records’ latest compilation, The Sound and the Fury is comprised almost exclusively of Canadian acts, representing almost every related genre even remotely connected with hardcore, and for the most part, does it equally as well as our southern neighbours. Highlights of this comp. would include, but are not limited to, Everytime I Die’s leadoff track “Pincushion,” with its frantic pace and new school metal-noise assault. Avarice’s death/thrash-influenced “Count Me In,” Dead Season’s emo “Dark and Stormy Nights” and tracks by the Swarm and Kid Gorgeous, which bring the new school noise-metal that the kids simply seem to love. Also, included for no extra charge are tracks by Another Victim, Sinclaire, Ignorance Never Settles, Chore, Chokehold and a ton of others. (Redstar)