Various Milky Disco

Cosmic, or nu disco, has begun to grow in popularity since the explosion of the electro sound in dance music. This subgenre has a lot more to do with Giorgio Moroder or Kwebek Elektrik than the Bee Gees. Cosmic disco is the electrified cousin of classic disco. Milk World has done a magnificent job of creating a compilation that is both spacey and progressive without being a cliché of arpeggios and vocoders. With cuts by the likes of Daniel Wang, Johan Agebjorn with Sally Shapiro on vocals and In Flagranti remixed by Black Devil, this collection is as melodic as it is energetic. Particularly interesting are the more mellowed out, elegant, slow burn tracks included here, like Emporor Machine’s "Front Man” remixed by the Idjut Boys, "Desparate Hours” by Quiet Village and "Surfing at Midnight” by Sorcerer. Any way you look at it, this is an awesome look at the dark side of disco today. (Lo)