Various Café del Mar: 1980-2005 25th Anniversary

If you believe the hype, the patio at Café del Mar on the Mediterranean island Ibiza boasts one of the world’s greatest sunsets. For 25 years, this club has had DJs playing a wide variety of jazz, trip-hop, lounge, house and electronic beats for summer partygoers. On this three-disc set they celebrate their 25th anniversary with one CD containing new songs from artists who have appeared on previous Café del Mar compilations, and two discs of new submissions from unsigned artists. Like any Ibizan chill out compilation, you can expect saxophones, trumpets, flutes, pianos, organs, acoustic guitar — probably Flamenco, female vocals, and slow or mid-paced gentle beats, mixed up in a variety of ways. There are good and bad tracks, and they all fit within those parameters. On any given patio, on any given summer day, you’ll probably enjoy them as background music. (Café del Mar)