Various Blood, Sweat and Tears: A Tribute to Type O Negative

With its eerie green packaging, this CD looks like a fitting tribute to the goth metal institution that is Type O Negative, but as the saying goes, "looks can deceive.” I only recognised one of the 13 bands on this tribute, and listening to the album hasn’t convinced me to check out the artists’ original work. Many songs are pale clones of the originals and suggest that Peter Steele’s dynamic style defies imitation. A few of the bands admirably add their own signature to Type O Negative’s songs, but not always with good results. The Dreamside’s version of "Die With Me,” with its haunting female vocals, is one of the more successful covers, along with Graveworm’s doom metal interpretation of "Christian Woman” and a goth-y reworking of "Love You to Death” by Moonlight, also with female vocals. Asterius’s unusual death and power metal take on "We Hate Everyone” has a surprising charm as well. Despite a few redeeming tracks, this tribute is rather lifeless overall, and simply left me craving some authentic Type O Negative. (Zoomica)