Various The Amos House Collection, Volume II

The second volume in a collection dedicated to Rhode Island’s Amos House (a non-profit charity organisation) is even more impressive than the first. Using some of the same artists as before, this compilation is a gathering of new, unreleased and alternative takes. Highlights include the disco-fied remix of Spoon’s "Everything Hits At Once,” Elf Power’s muddily melancholic "Free Will and Testament” and Clairevoyants’ raw folk song "Don’t You Know.” The inclusion of demos by Elliott Smith, "Bottle Up & Explode,” and Wheat, "Test Tones (demo for the Flaming Lips),” seem like throwaways, but fresh material from the likes of the wonderful Aislers Set and Kleenex Girl Wonder make up for any disappointment. Making this album another fine collection of songs for a worthy cause. (Wishing Tree)