Various 2011 Canadian Rap Future Superstars

This collection of Can-con songs may not be the best hip-hop this country had to offer in 2010, and less than a handful of these artists are likely to become rap superstars, but Brockway Biggs has nevertheles compiled a damn fine set of songs. As per the series' usual m.o., most of the music is mid- to slow tempo and rarely rough or raw, with the few exceptions book-ending the album. 2011 Canadian Rap Future Superstars could do with more songs spread throughout, such as scratch-heavy DJ posse cut "GO OFF!," Pip Skid's crunching, crushing "Back Rub Rap," with Yy and Silly Willy, Bat's uplifting, up-tempo "Believe Me," featuring iNTUiT, and Underground Realroad's club-ready dance track, "Be Who U-R," featuring Miss Tee. That said, the 2011 edition is the best of the series, thanks to a high concentration of superb, mellow grooves, including, but not limited to, Fresh Kils' hi-hat-heavy remix of Alex Dimez's "All Out," the Extremities' jazzy instrumental ("Lost Souls"), Plex's country-twang track ("Spare Change"), featuring Rellik, Touch and Leemai, as well as both tracks from D-Sisive (Grizzly Bear hijack "I Love A Girl" and the original version of hit "West Coast"), although the absence of either would have made more room to spotlight another Canadian rap future superstar. Sure, all of these songs have been previously released, but fans of mid-tempo hip-hop are bound to find a few new artists and songs that will impress them. (Brockway)