Vader Deliver Another Straight-Up Death Metal Ripper on 'Solitude in Madness'

BY Manus HopkinsPublished Apr 30, 2020

It's hard to believe Vader are nearly 40 years into their career. The band have been a leading force in Polish extreme metal for decades, and have had a consistent output of strong releases, with no real misfires. This is an impressive feat for any band, let alone a death metal band. Vader have persevered through countless musical trends, staying on their own track the entire time and not being bothered to change to fit in with any fad. The fads they've ignored have been short-lived, and Vader themselves have maintained their integrity and proven over and over again that sticking to your guns is the path to career longevity.

Solitude in Madness does nothing to break the cycle; it's another hard-hitting, monstrous beast of a record, and will only build on the reputation Vader have earned. There are no surprises here, not that that's a bad thing, as a new album from a band this established brings certain expectations to be filled, and surprises can go against those. It would be an understatement to say lightning-quick drums, shredding solos, creepy-crawly riffs, overpowering chugs and haunting vocals can be found on the album — they're what the album is almost entirely made of. The sound is clean, professional and — of course — uncompromisingly heavy.

While it may not boast an incredible amount of variety, Solitude in Madness makes no pretenses about being anything other than a straight-up death metal ripper. What's done here is executed masterfully, and it's clear Vader have no need or desire to make any drastic changes this far into their career. They've been at it since 1983, and are one of those older bands still showing the new kids how it's done.
(Nuclear Blast)

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