Update: Brutal Knights' Nick Flanagan Talks Bone-Breaking Crowd-Surfing Accident

Update: Brutal Knights' Nick Flanagan Talks Bone-Breaking Crowd-Surfing Accident
When Brutal Knights vocalist Nick Flanagan recently suffered an intense crowd-surfing injury at a show in Montreal on Saturday (June 5), he left behind a lot of unanswered questions once he was taken away to the hospital. Now Flanagan has shed some light on the incident with the following statement to Exclaim!

Flanagan writes:

I wanted to clear up exactly what happened to me regarding injuries sustained during a show my band Brutal Knights played Saturday June 5 in Montreal. Everything was proceeding fairly normally; I ventured into the crowd and wound up crowdsurfing for a bit, and then tried to head back to the stage. Unfortunately, I fell on my right arm, and it cracked, puncturing the skin slightly and breaking both bones in my forearm. Almost everybody threw up. I remained conscious throughout the experience. They even snapped a hot picture.

Two plates were placed in my forearm. I stayed in the Montreal General Hospital until Monday June 7, when I was driven back to Toronto through the help of our guitarist Jon Sharron and his dad Larry. We had to cancel upcoming shows at the Horseshoe with Mudhoney in Toronto as part of NXNE and The Townehouse in Sudbury. It's going to take awhile to get better, but it will get better. I'm going to use this rest time to work on my comedy album coming out on Talent Moat Records in September called
I'm Here All Weak and Brutal Knights are releasing an album on Deranged Records in October. It will either be called Barely Regal or Blown 2 Completion.

Head over to Flanagan's Twitter to keep updated on how he's doing. And here's that photo, courtesy of Dan Pelissier. Ouch!