Brutal Knights' Nick Flanagan Suffers Severe Crowd-Surfing Injury

Brutal Knights' Nick Flanagan Suffers Severe Crowd-Surfing Injury

Nick Flanagan, vocalist for Toronto punkers Brutal Knights, was the victim of a stage dive gone horribly wrong during a show in Montreal this past weekend. Apparently, Flanagan is currently recovering in the hospital, dealing with an open bone fracture in his right forearm, according to an eyewitness report.

The show, which went down on Saturday (June 5) at Montreal's Bar St-Laurent 2, was already pretty wild before the accident, according to fan Dany Morissette, who attended the event.

"The show was already well advanced when I got there but I had no difficulty getting in and in front of the tiny stage even if the house was packed," Morissette wrote in an email to Exclaim! "I had a feeling things were wild when not even a minute later some crowd surfers tore away parts of the low suspended ceiling, tiles, and t-bars. Flanagan decided to crowd surf too, so he looked at me for leverage - I'm six feet and 205 pounds. I bear-hugged him and lifted him over my head, body slam style, and the crowd took relay, back and forth for about two minutes, and this is when the accident happened."

Apparently, when Flanagan was led to a low-rise platform, he was accidentally dropped.

"He fell flat on his back and head, upper torso on the stage, lower body on the dance floor, and instantly winced in pain," Morissette said. "I thought it was because he hurt his back when all of a sudden his eyes rolled back and he was fighting for consciousness. When he removed his right arm from under himself, we all saw how seriously injured he was - an open bone fracture in the right forearm."

Soon, 911 was called and the singer got some ice on his wounds, which helped him get back to his old self, even making jokes while waiting for the meds to arrive, according to the eye witness. Within five minutes, the ambulance arrived and took Flanagan to the hospital.

While we're waiting on official confirmation from the Brutal Knights camp, some talk of the event has surfaced at the message board over at Stillepost, where one user (Razor Shines) says the singer supposedly "broke his arm in three places." Another user added that Flanagan is "doing well and recovering," and that he had to get surgery and metal plates in his arm.

Brutal Knights' last album was 2007's Feast of Shame.

UPDATE: According to Brutal Knights' label rep, Flanagan "is doing fine" and returning home from Montreal.