Update: Bedouin Soundclash Talk Charity Gig, Bend Sinister Deny Being Booted Off Bill

Update: Bedouin Soundclash Talk Charity Gig, Bend Sinister Deny Being Booted Off Bill
More details have emerged in connection to the trouble that erupted over a well-meaning benefit show in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside last week. As previously reported, on Thursday (October 23) a free Bedouin Sounclash concert was to be held in support of Insite, the city's safe injection site but, because of a permit dispute, was shut down by police before it even had a chance to begin

Also to play the show was Vancouver rock act Bend Sinister, but a few days before the event the band was removed from the bill. This soon led to various online reports that complaints from the Bedouin camp were the reason behind the change-up. However, representatives from both bands have now told Exclaim! that these reports are false, plain and simple, and there is no beef or any sort of ill will between Bedouin Soundclash and Bend Sinister.

In a statement to Exclaim!, Bend Sinister vocalist Dan Moxon had this to say about the false claims:

"We were set to play but my understanding was that Bedouin (who didn't know anything about us playing specifically) just wanted the show to be an acoustic-style show and not have any bands with full set-ups/amps/drums/etc. playing. I think perhaps it was probably more to dissuade the cops from shutting it down as there was no permit in the first place in my understanding.

"Any talk of a beef with the us and them is complete nonsense, or gossip blown out of proportion."

Also, contrary to our initial report, as well as that of the CBC, Bedouin did show up to the site for the concert, and even talked to the media about how important this show was for them.

The Globe and Mail quotes Bedouin front-man Jay Malinowksi as describing the scene as "one of the most violent responses to a free outdoor acoustic show to build awareness for a program that is under fire right now."

"I want to build awareness for a program that is forward thinking and progressive," he said, adding "kids outside and they just want to hear some music and maybe they've come from another side of town and they haven't seen this problem."

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