Unreleased Tim Buckley Material Unearthed

BY Keith CarmanPublished Jun 5, 2009

People rant and rave about singer-songwriter Jeff Buckley but let's face it: he's really just a carbon copy of his old dad, renowned experimental/folk/everything else dude Tim Buckley. Claiming the younger Buckley started it all would be like telling someone from the Bible Belt that race car driver Kyle Petty outshines his father. See how far you get with that one.

Those "in the know" understand and will be pretty excited to hear that a previously unreleased collection of Tim Buckley live recordings is about to see the light of day. Live At The Folklore Center, NYC - March 6th, 1967 is due out August 25.

We know what you're saying: "How can this be? The man died in 1975 and over the years most of his catalogue has been raided. All that seems to be left are crappy bootlegs!"

Apparently, folk impresario Izzy Young actually captured this performance at his Folkore Theatre way back when Buckley was still a struggling unknown. , The documented gig is before approximately 35 people and will be presented in its original running order of 16 songs, six of which are Buckley tunes that have never appeared on any studio or live album before. It will also contain a previously unpublished interview with Buckley conducted by Young and extensive liner notes.

Live At The Folklore Center, NYC - March 6th, 1967:

1. "Song For Jainie"
2. "I Never Asked To Be Your Mountain"
3. "Wings"
4. "Phantasmagoria In Two"
5. "Just Please Leave Me"*
6. "Dolphins"
7. "I Can't See You"
8. "Troubadour"
9. "Aren't You The Girl"
10. "What Do You Do (He Never Saw You)"*
11. "No Man Can Find The War"
12. "Carnival Song"
13. "Cripples Cry"*
14. "If The Rain Comes"*
15. "Country Boy"*
16. "I Can't Leave You Loving Me"*

* previously unreleased Tim Buckley composition

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