Tim Buckley's Self-Titled Debut to Get Expanded Reissue

BY Alex HudsonPublished Dec 29, 2010

It's been more than 30 years since Tim Buckley's death in 1975, but fans of the avant-folk songwriter are still being treated to new material. In 2009, we got Live at the Folklore Center, NYC - March 6, 1967. On January 11, fans will now get more unheard goodies in the form of an expanded reissue of Buckley's 1966 self-titled debut.

Rhino Handmade will release a two-disc version of Tim Buckley, which will include both mono and stereo versions of the 12-song album remastered by original engineer Bruce Botnick. Most excitingly, the second CD will contain a whopping 22 bonus tracks.

Twelve of these bonus tracks were recorded in 1965 with his band the Bohemians; the songs "She Is" and "It Happens Every Time" were later reworked ended up on Buckley's album. The remaining tracks are acoustic demos recorded in 1966 with frequent collaborator Larry Beckett.

According to a press release, the album will come packaged in "a weathered cardboard folio with rare photos." See what that looks like above. You can pre-order the set for $39.98 over at Rhino Handmade.

Tim Buckley - Deluxe Edition:

CD 1:

1. "I Can't See You" (Stereo)

2. "Wings" (Stereo)

3. "Song of the Magician" (Stereo)

4. "Strange Street Affair Under Blue" (Stereo)

5. "Valentine Melody" (Stereo)

6. "Aren't You the Girl" (Stereo)

7. "Song Slowly Song" (Stereo)

8. "It Happens Every Time" (Stereo)

9. "Song for Jainie" (Stereo)

10. "Grief in My Soul" (Stereo)

11. "She Is" (Stereo)

12. "Understand Your Man" (Stereo)
13. "I Can't See You" (Mono)

14. "Wings" (Mono)

15. "Song of the Magician" (Mono)

16. "Strange Street Affair Under Blue" (Mono)

17. "Valentine Melody" (Mono)

18. "Aren't You the Girl" (Mono)

19. "Song Slowly Song" (Mono)

20. "It Happens Every Time" (Mono)

21. "Song for Jainie" (Mono)

22. "Grief in My Soul" (Mono)

23. "She Is" (Mono)

24. "Understand Your Man" (Mono)

CD 2:

1. "Put You Down" (with the Bohemians)

2. "It Happens Every Time" (with the Bohemians)

3. "Let Me Love You" (with the Bohemians)

4. "I've Played That Game Before" (with the Bohemians)

5. "She Is" (with the Bohemians)

6. "Here I Am" (with the Bohemians)

7. "Don't Look Back" (with the Bohemians)

8. "Call Me If You Do" (with the Bohemians)

9. "You Today" (with the Bohemians)

10. "No More" (with the Bohemians)

11. "Won't You Please Be My Woman" (with the Bohemians)

12. "Come On Over" (with the Bohemians)

13. "She Is" (acoustic demo)

14. "Aren't You The Girl" (acoustic demo)

15. "Found at the Scene of a Rendezvous That Failed" (acoustic demo)

16. "Wings" (acoustic demo)

17. "My Love Is For You" (acoustic demo)

18. "Song Slowly Song" (acoustic demo)

19. Song Introductions by Larry Beckett

20. "I Can't See You" (acoustic demo)

21. "Birth Day" (acoustic demo)

22. "Long Tide" (acoustic demo)

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