Unklejam "What Am I Fighting For?"

Unklejam 'What Am I Fighting For?'
Move over OutKast. Anyone who thought Dre and Big Boi were all about the flash and the Clinton-worship, well, there is another – and they’re even weirder. Unklejam’s Tyson "Tendai” Speede, Bobby Joel Stearns and yes, Adonistar are about to take R&B to the next level. Their name is nabbed from Funkadelic’s Uncle Jam Wants You album, which makes complete sense: these Londoners are flamboyant to the extreme, as if they just mixed one cup of glitter into their pint of cosmic slop. This second single from the trio makes Scissor Sisters’ discofied pop sound butch, pushing falsetto into a whole new dimension while showing Jamiroquai why they need to just pack it in. The video adds even more to their panache, surpassing Daft Punk’s visual influence with a futuristic luminosity. They’ve already toured with both Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake, and a debut album is scheduled for September on Virgin. Meet your new favourite "Unkle.”