Perdition City

BY Roman SokalPublished May 1, 2001

Subtitled as "music to an interior film," Ulver come across more as remixers of budget film scores by taking meagre conventions of musical narration and attempting to conceal them within an array of overly edited electronic soundscapes. Instead of going for the hard hitters of the film score world, (perhaps they were), the end result is reminiscent of "movie of the week" musical soundtracks. One where divorced mothers are stalked by alcoholic war veteran ex-husbands that are directed by mediocre music video directors who have no choice but to use flash over substance. The single most blasphemous track on this album is the one that uses samples from Bernard Herrmann's score for Psycho - that is like getting the Backstreet Boys to cover the Beatles' White Album. Not cool.

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