U.D.O. Nailed to Metal

I figured that last double live U.D.O. release wouldn't be enough for the masses, so here's one more live album to tide us over, one more rendition of "Balls to the Wall," one more inane call-and-response session with the camouflaged mini-man/major legend of trad metal, Udo Dirkschneider, and his gang of capable backing musicians. Look, no one's saying this is a mandatory purchase or anything, but damn it, these are songs that just can't be topped in so many ways. When was the last time a band recorded a song as infectious as "Metal Heart" or as annoyingly memorable as "Princess of the Dawn"? And it's all here, along with a drum solo to lull the listeners asleep, before being jolted back awake to the sounds of classic German hard rock/metal, done the way it should be. So, yes it's another absolutely useless live album, but one that will prove to be imminently enjoyable. (AFM)