U.S. Girls Pop Montreal, Montreal QC, Sept. 29

U.S. Girls Pop Montreal, Montreal QC, Sept. 29
Photo: Steve Louie
Cinema L'Amour transforms into a giant dance party by the time "Mad as Hell" kicks into full-tilt disco a few songs in. It's fitting for U.S. Girls to play a movie house; with the eight-piece band lined along the long, narrow stage it feels more like we're in Vegas or vaudeville.
With go-go girl silhouettes and washed-out video of the band projected on the screen above them, they take full advantage of the big screen. The coloured light bounces shadows of our dancing bodies across the vaulted, aging walls of the cinema.
At the centre it's Meg Remy, the master of this art-house pop show in her white jumpsuit. It's hard to pick just one high point of this sensory-overload of a performance, but her command of the crowd is clear — only when the last person has stopped speaking do they start "Window Shades."
Though this is no ordinary theatre — Cinema L'Amour is over 100 years and has been exclusively a porn house since the 1960s, save for the odd POP Montreal show.
"Good night, wash your hands," says Remy as they close out the evening.